polyaspartic garage coating black and white vinyl flake

We are a Certified V8 High Performance Floor Coatings Installer!

     With coatings technology changing and getting better by the day, we decided to find the absolute best products we could get and found them at Extreme  Engineered Floor Systems’ V-8 High Performance Floors product line out of Hudsonville, MI. Their products are tried and tested and we are happy to be trained and certified to install these products to their exact specifications. We are bringing the very best concrete coating system to Ortonville, Michigan and the surrounding areas. We usually stay in a 45 minute drive radius, but if you are further, still give us a call! Be it an epoxy garage floor, epoxy basement floor, restaurant floor, shop floor, or any other concrete floor surface…we have you covered!

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A Breakdown of the Process


This is the most popular look, especially for residential garage floors. 

  1. Mechanically grind floor to help level and open up the slap for bonding.

  2. Shot blast and Vacuum dust for final prep.

  3. Repair any cracks or voids you might have.

  4. Apply V8 Hybrid XT Prime Coat

  5. Apply V8 Hybrid XT  Base Coat

  6. Apply the V8 Decorative Chip Broadcast in your chosen colors,

  7. Apply the V8 Hybrid XT Clear Grout Coat

  8. APPLY THE v8 XT  Cleat Top Coat

V-8 Hybrid XT Decorative Chip 8-Step System

FAQ - Common Questions

Absolutely not

Michigan Paints Works uses the whole line of V-8 High Perfomance Floors product line. These range anywhere from Heavy Duty Epoxies, 1 Part hybrid coatings, to extremely durable urethane top coats. For full product list with detailed information, please visit V8 High Performance Floor Coatings.

Please feel free to call or text us at  810-931-3321 with any questions!

We wouldn’t recommend it. Epoxy is MUCH better than using floor enamels labeled as basement floor paint / concrete floor paint that you will have to touch up and repaint every year. We can’t stress this enough. You will waste more time,  money,  effort, by having an inferior floor coating than just having it done properly by a professional. The platinum color pigment system using V-8’s Hybrid XT or the 6.0 High Performance epoxy will not only look awesome, it will save you major headaches and money down the road! We can even top coat it with the Magnum Urethane Top Coat if you prefer a more matte or satin finish. The metallic designs are endless!

Concrete coating systems offer a range of options for protecting and enhancing concrete surfaces. The cost of different concrete coating systems can vary depending on factors such as the type of coating, surface preparation requirements, project size, and specific customization or design elements. 

The most expensive flooring is the flooring you have to keep replacing! 

It’s important to note that these cost differentials are approximate and can vary based on the specific project requirements and geographic location. To obtain accurate cost estimates for concrete coating systems, it is advisable to consult with us who can assess your project needs and provide detailed pricing information tailored to your specific situation. We at Michigan Paint Works strive to provide the very best value with products and service.

There are multiple factors involved and rarely will we have to take an extra day. Our crew can easily grind and coat up to 1000 sq ft of floor in one day. Some of the other products for industrial applications will take extra time. We strive for you to have as little downtime as possible.